praedium law group

Exemplary Transactional Representation:


  • Led client through sale of franchise with 30 locations and multi-millions of dollars in assets 



Notable Litigation Victories:


Administrative Law: Defended Contractor Cited by LNI

  • Successfully defended client facing 60 citations for alleged violations of a Washington construction code; through tedious and well-researched motion practice, we obtained dismissal of all 60 citations prior to the scheduled hearing date.


Corporate Law: Defended Minority Member from Corporate Overreach in $55,550,000.00 Lawsuit

  • Prevailed in getting $55,550,000 lawsuit dismissed where land development company filed suit to strongarm a minority member into taking less than the amount entitled in repayment of the member’s investment in the company.


Corporate Law: Defended Corporate Board of Directors Against Claims of Discrimination and Selective Enforcement

  • Successfully defeated claims against corporate client accused of discriminating against a member of its organization; obtained pre-trial dismissal of the frivolous claims, restoring the unblemished integrity of our client.


Homeowners’ Association Law: Successfully Prosecuted Action to Enforce CC&Rs

  • Prevailed in complex dispute resolving a prolonged feud between neighboring subdivisions. Following extensive motion practice and oral argument before the Court, a victory was secured enforcing our client’s interpretation of the CC&Rs and ordering implementation of a joint use agreement drafted and proposed by the PLG Team, together with recovery of attorney fees and costs incurred throughout the litigation.


Homeowners’ Association Law: Successfully Defended Amended CC&Rs and Bylaws from Attack

  • Secured pre-trial dismissal of attack on Amended CC&Rs and Bylaws by dissenting homeowner.


Public Records Act Violation: Preserved Citizen’s Rights to a Transparent and Ethical Government

  • Recovered more than $10,000.00 in damages uncovering government’s attempt to conceal information sought in public records request, and preserving the codified right of the people of Washington to stay informed.

Real Property Law: Quieted Title to Client’s Real Property Defeating Relative’s Claim of Ownership

  • Successfully and simultaneously litigated three related lawsuits in two different states, including an interlocutory visit to the Washington Court of Appeals (where we prevailed), resulting in dismissal of all claims against our client, a jury verdict in our client’s favor, and a judicial ruling confirming our client’s sole and exclusive ownership of the property, including an award of attorney fees incurred over several years of litigation.


Construction Defect Law: Thwarted Claims of an Aggressive Insurance Company after Expiration of Builder’s Home Warranty

  • Secured early dismissal of insurance company’s negligence lawsuit against client home builder where builder’s contract dictated the terms of the warranty process and homeowner, and later, its insurer, failed to comply.


Commercial Leasing Law: Ejected Commercial Tenant From Property and Recovered Substantial Damages For Waste And Unpaid Rents

  • Successful enforcement of the terms of a commercial lease with ejection of the nonpaying tenant and an award of damages in excess of $115,000.00 in back rent and attorney fees incurred in litigation.